It’s that time of year again – 1st Tackley and Heyford Scout Group are hosting the annual fireworks extravaganza on 2nd November. Tickets are available from the village shop.

Here on of our Cubs tells you why you shouldn’t miss out.

 Save the Date!

On  2 November 2019 the 1st  Tackley and Heyford scout group are holding their annual firework fiesta on Tackley playing field. I went last year and it was amazing. There was a great bonfire. About a week before the fireworks the Scouts went around the village and collected wood for the bonfire.  There were chairs, old bits of wood and more. That pile just grows and grows and then goes up in flames. They have all types of spectacular fire works. There were rockets and when they got high in the sky they went bang and  sparks flew out in the most beautiful colours. Red, green, yellow and blue.

There will be food from a bbq – sausages and burgers. Last year I had a sausage and it was great.

There is a drinks bar where you can get alcoholic, soft and hot drinks.

The Scouts play an important role in all this they help with the food and make sure you don’t go to close to the bonfire.

You will be able to buy tickets from the village shop. All money rasied will be given to the leaders so they can do  even more fun activities with us. 


Tackley Fireworks Extravaganza!
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