On Friday after tea, Scouts met in Broughton. Everyone was very excited. When we were all ready we set off on a five mile walk to Horley camp. We were in two groups, and we were keen to see who got there first, My group won! We walked past many animals including sheep and cows, even tiny lambs! My favourite part of the walk was when Mark gave out free sweets. I enjoyed the walk but my legs did get very tired. Mark was pleased that there was not much moaning (I think the sweets helped quite a bit).


When we got there, Mark, our leader, told us what tents we would be in. I was with some good friends. I was pleased about this! Once we had unpacked, we all went outside and played games for a while before we went to bed at 10:30.

The next day, we had breakfast, which was cereal and then a bacon sandwich. It was delicious, especially the bacon sandwich. Then we went out and had a tent inspection. Our tent did well and passed! The Scouts then went to the woods to make shelters and fires. Our fire was the best one there because it was the biggest and hottest! We made shelters using tarpaulin and rope between four trees. Mark checked to see if our shelters were waterproof by pouring water on them. We had to sit underneath and hope that we had done our job well. Fortunately everyone stayed dry.


We then did archery. We were grouped together with other scouts of a similar height. I learnt how to hold the bow and fire an arrow, it was great fun! Every arrow went into the target, I was pleased about that.

We joined the Cubs and Beavers for lunch and we found out what they had been doing. Lunch was sandwiches, crisps, and a penguin bar, and we were ready for it! After lunch, we carried on with our shelters but at three o’clock it was time to do rifle shooting. I was scared so I didn’t do it but it looked really cool! After the shooting we did Throwing Angels with Rob. They were really fun and I was pleased that mine kept on going really near the centre of the target. I think the Throwing Angels was my favourite activity of the weekend. Back at camp, we had some free time before dinner and some of us played with the vortex, while others relaxed.

After dinner, we played games like rounders, before going to the campfire where we sang songs all together and made campfire cones. Every section led a song, my favourite was the Llama song. Then it was time for bed. We were so tired after a full day that we (mostly) slept well. A few Scouts decided to sleep out “under the stars” but then some of them went back to their tents because of the cold.

After breakfast the next day, we went into the woods to play man hunt and other games. At lunch, everyone was talking about how much they had enjoyed themselves. We were sad to pack away our tents as we had had such a fun weekend.

Thank you to all the Leaders and volunteers that came with us for organising this event, we all had such a great time.

I enjoyed camp very much and I look forward to the next one.



Horley Scout Camp
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