Last weekend Beavers, Cubs and Scouts headed to Youlbury campsite for a weekend of adventure.

Friday night involved a hearty meal of Bangers and Mash, followed by a campfire. Some of us were even lucky enough to see badgers running around in the woods!

Over the weekend Beavers, Cubs and Scouts worked in groups, and did many activities ranging from team building to zip wire. Despite the weather, we all had fun. Everybody tried their best at all the activities, even if they felt that they couldn’t do it (some of them were really high!).

After a very soggy weekend, the sun came out in time for us to go home. The wet weather didn’t put us off though, and it was wonderful to see everybody challenging themselves, supporting each other and trying new things.

Congratulations to our Beavers and Cubs of camp, but especially to Noah, who completed his Teamwork Challenge Badge this weekend, which means he has achieved his Chief Scout Silver Award and joins our Hall of Fame.

Team Building

During this activity, teams worked together to problem solve, find and remember routes, and get a tennis ball into a pot without it touching the ground. It was good fun, and it was great to see the Cubs and Scouts working so well together.


Beavers worked together to follow a map and locate all the shapes hidden around the woods.

Den Building

Beavers were challenged to make a den in the woods, which would have been handy once the rain came!


Before we begin, you need to know that the abseiling tower was really, really high! Just to get to and stand at the top was an achievement. Some children found that they weren’t able to step off and abseil down, but they should be really proud of the fact that they got up to the top in the first place.

For those that felt brave enough to do so, a descent of about 14m awaited them.

Jacobs Ladder

The aim of the Jacob’s Ladder was to work together to climb as high as you can. The problem was that the rungs get further apart the further up you go. And just to make it even harder, as the rain came down, the logs got slippy. Still, everyone gave it a really good try.


Next to the abseiling wall was the climbing wall. Everyone who took part in this activity tried their best, and climbed as high as they felt comfortable. Some even made it to the top!

Aerial Walkway

If you looked up into the trees you may have spotted some Beavers, Cubs and Scouts walking in the tree tops. They bravely moved around the aerial walkway tackling obstacles such as a cargo net, log bridge and leap of faith.

Crate Stacking

This proved to be one of the most popular activities, with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts rising to the challenge. The Scout record was 12 crates, the Cubs made it to 11, but the Beavers managed to use up all their crates!


Beavers were given some barrels, some planks and some rope and asked to make a moving vehicle. They worked together, and managed to make a car. Good work Beavers!

Zip Wire

The zip wire was great fun, and Cubs and Beavers loved whizzing through the woods.

3G Swing

One, two, three GEE!!







Youlbury Camp 2018
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