This week, Mariella Bliss came in to teach the Beavers about different types of pasta and how to make it as part of their Cook badge.

All you need is 100g of Pizza and Pasta flour from the village shop and 1 egg. Mix it up to form a dough and leave it to rest for at least 10 minutes. You can roll it with a rolling pin if you haven’t got a pasta machine (just make sure you roll it really nice and thin). The pink pasta was flour and beetroot powder mix, bound with water rather than egg.

The Beavers had great fun making witches hats, stripy tagliatelle, bows and all sorts of other shapes with designs pressed into them – including a fleur de lys!

Huge thanks to Mariella for coming and sharing her love of cooking with the Beavers.

Do you have a skill or hobby that you love to do? Would you like to share it with the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts? If so, please let us know – our young people love to have visitors to teach them new skills.

Buon Apetito Beavers!
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