Over the last few weeks Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been learning about the work of Water Aid, and how lucky we are to have clean, safe water and toilets in our homes. Last weekend we did our very own Walk for Water.

We set off on our 5 mile route in lovely spring sunshine. We had several 5 litre bottles of water that Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took turns in carrying so we could get an idea of how children in other parts of the world might feel. Five litres gets heavy very quickly.

Although it was a long walk, we all had fun and helped each other out. Everyone who took part did brilliantly, and we have raised an amazing amount already. It’s not too late to sponsor us – if you would like to donate you can do so here. If you have collected cash, please bring it to your meeting on Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who took part on Saturday, and to all of our sponsors, including the very generous man at Pigeons Lock who gave us a tub of Roses and a donation.

Tackley Walk For Water
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