In preparation for our Walk for Water on Saturday, this week Cubs learned more about the need for clean water and why Water Aid’s work is so important.

Each six set up a village along a river that flowed through the hall. Each village had to decide where on the river they would drink, cook, wash and go to the toilet.

The Cubs quickly worked out that they should drink and cook further upstream. It wasn’t long before they started to realise that they would be getting the waste from the village before them in their drinking and cooking water, which we all agreed was not great.

Cubs then looked at why it is important to keep our waterways clean, and learned about how long it takes various items to decompose if they end up in our rivers and canals. Did you know that it takes 500 years for a nappy to break down?

Finally, Cubs learned about how easy it is to spread germs, and the importance of washing hands properly – with soap!

Understanding Water Aid
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